6th Asia Euro Conference 2016

15 Aug 2018 to 15 Aug 2018

15 Aug 2018


Since the tourism industry contributes immensely towards national development and acts as a medium for trans-national cohesion, fostering the development of this industry is essential. Similarly, corresponding sectors such as hospitality and gastronomy also play a significant role in promoting growth. In doing so, political circumstances, economic volatilities, environmental issues, demographic changes, and new technologies are some of the exigencies that need to be addressed. Transitioning from these exigencies to an elevated level is vital to remain competitive, professional, profitable and sustainable in the industry. To achieve this, extra-disciplinary inquiries into the intricacies of present predicaments are a must – and every practitioner, educator and researcher plays an imperative role in this transition.

6th Asia Euro Conference 2016
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