5 Common Mistakes Every Conference Organiser Should Avoid

Mistakes are our own fault and everyone make mistakes. These are the things from which we learn and grow. But if your mistake will be the reason behind a great financial loss, it will not be treated like other small mistakes. So you need to take steps to avoid them as much as possible. Learn from others mistake and set your plan accordingly. We are going to discuss about some of the common mistakes you need to avoid as a conference organiser.

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Planning the Event Lately:

Getting started lately is one of the common mistakes for most of the event organisers. If you don’t plan early you will not get the right things and it will lead you to a problematic situation. You need to start working on the arrangements as soon as you finalize the conference date. Hotels and venues are normally booked in advance. So secure this as soon as possible, else you have to book from those are left by others. Similarly Speakers and other entertainment arrangements need to be booked in advance and you need to the sign contracts early enough.

So, when you get the dates, start from that moment. Make a checklist and include everything you need for your event. Mention the steps and time frame to finish each job. Follow that and try to complete each task as planned.

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Ignoring Competing Events:

It will not be a good decision, if your conference will be held on the same day, while another competitive conference in the same industry is going on. So before selecting the date, you need to check the upcoming conferences in your industry and select the date. Only a single conference will draw the attention of audience and you shouldn’t take the risk.

Not getting Vendors Confirmation Early:

Just like the venue, you need to book the vendors (5 Tips on Selecting the Perfect Vendor for Your Upcoming Conference) early and sign the contract. A signed contract is legally acceptable and gives much more confidence. This makes the vendor responsible for the service. But if you don’t search a vendor early enough, you may lose the best ones in the industry. Mention each of the service promised by the vendor in the contract.

Not Making a Secondary Plan:

Every organiser should have a Plan B, for the conference. We don’t know what will happen in future. Weather conditions are always unpredictable and heavy rain & wind, storms, hurricane, Tsunami, Earthquake etc. are unavoidable too. You may need to change every arrangement, like the venue, vendors, transportation etc and in some cases the whole event may get cancelled. So there should be a contingency plan for each and everything.

Ignoring the requirement of Staffs:

You need some really talented and experienced staffs for the event. But you also need them in a sufficient amount. More is always better. You may have to spend some extra money. But these staffs can take good responsibility and it will be easy for them to complete things. Hiring a good amount of staff, speed up your every process and attendees find it easy and comfortable while registering to the conference, parking the vehicles and doing other things.

These above 5 points are some of the great mistakes made by conference organizing people. Try to remove them completely from your conference and be a successful organiser.