5 Tips on Selecting the Perfect Vendor for Your Upcoming Conference

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Selecting the Perfect Vendor

The role of the vendor in an event/conference is very much important. It’s the quality service of the vendor, that can make your conference a very successful one and a vendor with poor service is bad enough to ruin all your expectations. Selection of a vendor thus is an important as well as a tough decision. Once you made a perfect selection, you can enjoy your own event without any tension and worries.

You need to fix the date, find and select the venue for the event, confirm the budget before selecting a vendor.

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Types of Vendors:

There are several types of Vendors available to hire, like Caterer, Decorator, Photographer (Video), transport and parking service provider etc. First of all you need to decide, which type of vendor you really need for your event. Whether you need to hire them for a single job or multiple things or assign him the complete event etc. As per your requirement of the conference and your budget, you need to find a suitable vendor. So before start the search for a vendor, be sure about your requirement. If you have a limited budget, try to manage things on your own and you may hire someone to assist you.

Customized Services:

Ask yourself about the customization. You may have to spend more for some customized services. So if it is necessary, you need to check the vendors, if they are providing the type of customization you need or not. If you are using online search, type the words of customization you need along with the service you require. So you can get a personalized list of vendors that suits your need.

Take Your Time:

An online search for vendors will give instant result and you can book them by email, live chat or phone call. But it’s advisable, not to hurry. Apart from taking the help of internet, consider some other ways too. Ask your friends or local people, where the event will be organized. You may get some better suggestions. Consult with other clients of some vendors. Ask them about their experience and seek their feedback on selecting any particular vendor. You can learn a lot from their experience.

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Test the Vendor:

When you have a list of vendors from online search and other’s referral, invite them for the interview. Make a list of question and note all your needs and any other queries like the service quality, any special service, discounts, payment structure, refund policy, hidden fees, insurance coverage, damage policy etc. Ask them and judge from their answer. Don’t forget to ask about their previous event and client information and any other testimonials. It will be helpful if you can get some photos of the previously organized conferences.

References & Feedback:

So you got the list of testimonials and some clients of the short-listed vendors. Now it’s time to contact them and seek their feedback regarding the vendors. You may contact with them via email or phone. Their experience and valuable reply will help you in taking the final decision.

Now ask the selected vendor/vendors for the proposal. You may ask for some bargains and it’s a wise tip, not to accept the original bid. Try to get some financial discounts.