Academic Conference Alert

Academic Conference Alert is an online tool to help researchers and students to find latest and upcoming academic conferences. It can be customized as per the need of the user. You can get alert about some specific academic conferences or any conferences related to your area of research. If you don’t wish any customization, you will receive information about all upcoming academic conferences. All the details of these conferences will be sent to your email. When you wish to stop receiving these alerts, you can unsubscribe easily.

Academic Conference Alert

Benefits of Conference Alert:

The answer to a question, “Why should you use conference alert?” results a list of benefits for the students, researchers or any other academicians. Basically this is a very useful service for all conference aspirants. Students and researchers are always searching for academic conferences to present their research papers. Online tools like search engines have made it simple and easy. But you don’t always get what you search.

  • Irrelevant search results, outdated conferences etc. often found while searching for a fresh and upcoming academic conference.

  • Secondly, searching the internet regularly needs a lot of time and if you calculate, you can find how you are spending a big amount of your useful time in searching for conferences.

  • Conference alert comes directly to your email inbox and you can find a list of upcoming conferences there. So, no need to search for different conferences, when you can view all of them at once.

  • These alerts come from Conference Alert Website, which is a directory of latest academic conferences. So relevancy is highly guaranteed and you only get what you wish.

  • Whether, you are travelling or enjoying a vacation, you can get conference alert in your email and the details can be easily visible through your Smartphone as the website is highly responsive.

  • You can’t skip a single relevant conference. Even if you forget, the email alert will remind you about it.

How to Get Conference Alerts?

Basically academic conference alert is an email subscription service and works just like a news letter subscription. So you need to subscribe to it in order to get latest conference alert.

  • Go to

  • The subscription pop-up will appear. If you missed it, scroll a little and find the sidebar subscription form.

  • Provide your details, like your name and email address etc. and submit it.

  • Check your email for any confirmation message.

  • Click on the confirmation link to verify your email address.

  • After successful confirmation, you will start receiving emails containing conference information.

How to Use Conference Alert?

There is no specific use of it. This only provides you information about forthcoming conferences in your industry. So, visit the conference website from the given link and check, whether you should register or not. If you are not finding a particular kind of conference, don’t worry; wait for some more days and it will deliver a new list of conferences each day.

Academic Conference Alert

How to Unsubscribe?

When your conference search is over and you got what you wished for, you can stop the academic conference alert service. The un-subscription link is located in the footer of each conference alert email. Click on that and submit the request to unsubscribe. You will no longer receive any further emails