Importance of Conference Alert in Your Research Career

Academic Conferences

Academic conferences are vital for every research students. No one likes to miss a high ranking conference in his/her industry. These academic conferences not only helps you in presenting your papers but also you get chance to publish them in high indexed journals having a good impact factors. Apart from that, attending a good conference gives you so many other advantages. You find and meet people like you there. Make a good networking with other researchers in your industry. These networking can help you a lot in your research career. Also you get chance to meet some great minds of your area of research and these meetings may open a closed door in your career.

Finding Latest Academic Conferences

So it’s nearly impossible to ignore the impact of Academic conferences. But how to know about any upcoming conferences in your field. This may be a tough challenge for you. Yes, we all know about search engines and every one use it to find things on Internet. So, as a conference aspirant, you must have tried this. When we search about an upcoming academic conference, we get a list of websites and web-pages. Some of them are relevant and some are not. Later we may find some relevant results (conferences) are out dated or have lost their deadline to submit papers. So we need a good way to find only upcoming academic conferences (not all of the above).

Academic Conferences

Conference Directory

While talking about the solution for the above problem, we don’t think any other ways apart from “Online Conference Directory” can be helpful. Online conference directories (Like Conference Alert India) are the real time conference databases. Latest and upcoming conferences get published there in real time as soon as they get announced. Old and outdated conferences will no longer appear in the list. So we only get fresh and upcoming conferences.

While searching for conferences if you go through the categories, you will find all relevant conferences at one place. So no need to get confused. It’s your one stop place for all the upcoming and latest conferences in your area of research.

But if you notice, in both of the cases (searching conferences through search engines or browsing through conference directories) you have to check the website or search engine regularly. Else you may miss a conference, which is not good. So, to overcome this problem and save your precious time, you can use “Conference Alert”.

Importance of Conference Alert

Conference Alert is a free email alerts service by “Conference Alert India”, that sends you regular email alerts about upcoming conferences to your email. You can subscribe to this service for free and start receiving email alerts as soon as information about any new conference gets published. So you don’t need to visit the websites regularly and no fear of missing any important conference update. All conference information will be inside your email and you can check them in your free time.