Academic conferences 2017 – How to Stay Alert & Find Top Conferences

Academic conferences 2017

Academic Conferences 2017 are all set to lunch. Most of the conferences have declared the dates and the earlier ones have started receiving abstracts. You need to be staying alert about any upcoming conference in 2017 related to your study and research. If your goal is to send your papers to a popular and best academic conference, be careful in choosing the conference to register. There are so many academic conferences being organized worldwide. A great amount of upcoming conferences can be found on the internet. But all are not same and have similar importance.

It’s not advisable or possible to attend all the academic conferences. So you need to select some of the Top academic conferences and stick to a maximum of 4 to 6 conferences per year.

Academic conferences 2017

International Academic Conferences

It’s better to find and register with an Upcoming International conference rather than a national one. International academic conferences have more benefits and scope available for attendees. As it invites people from all over the world, you can get some good contacts, meet people from different places, take part in discussions with them, learn from their research and present your papers before them. Moreover, attending an international academic and research conference gives you more expose and improves your confidence too.

Best academic conferences

Best Academic Conferences- 5 Simple ways to find the Best Conference in Your Industry

While choosing the best academic conference, you need to look at some important points. These points will simplify your search and help you in deciding.

  • Type: Annual Conferences are good for you. They are popular, well managed and famous too.
  • Organizer: A conference hosted by university or educational institution is more preferred than others. But you may consider joining a conference organized by a reputed and prestigious organizer.
  • Journal: As your main point is to publish your paper in a reputed journal, you should check the indexing and other factors to judge the journal.
  • Reputation: Avoid the conferences having bad reputation. Take the help of Internet search to know about their reputation.

However, best is not always the Best. This means, an international conference on your related subject may not be suitable for you, where as it will be a good decision to attend that same conference for another researcher from a far location. Apart from the above important factors, it will be your requirement, time availability, conference location, niche and registration money etc. which will be some deciding factors.

Upcoming academic conferences

Benefits of Academic Conference & How to Stay Alert of Upcoming Conferences

After deciding about the top academic conferences to join this year in 2017, you need to prepare yourself for those upcoming academic conferences. Start writing the Abstracts and paper. Send them before the deadline and register for the conference upon approval. After successfully registered, prepare yourself for the presentation. Practice, practice and practice. This makes you perfect and helps you to finish your presentation within the time limit. Also book the travelling and hotel tickets in advance to save some money.

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Conference alerts in India 2017

Staying alert of International academic conferences is a good thing, but you needed to spend some amount of your time each day in searching for those upcoming academic conferences. So to save your time, we have an academic conferences alerts service at This free email subscription will help you in getting all conference alerts at one place, i.e. your email inbox. So you don’t have to visit so many websites.