Academic Conferences Alert – Stay Updated With Upcoming Academic Conferences

Academic conferences alert

Academic conferences alert is considered as one of the most helpful tool for people searching for a good conference. This is an automated service provided by Conference Alert India to all conference subscribers. Subscribers get regular updates about latest conferences through this. So, it sends email to all the subscribers and those emails contain information about upcoming academic conferences in India. So it saves a lot of time and sends conference details directly to email.

Academic conferences 2017 – How to Stay Alert & Find Top Conferences

So, after using the academic conferences alert service, you don’t need to search the web regularly to check about the latest and upcoming conferences. It’s the duty of the conference alert to inform you. So you get more time for the research, writing of your papers and to prepare for the presentation at the conference. Here are some useful tips to help you in your preparation for the presentation:

  1. 1. Time is an important factor during the presentation and you need to make your practice accordingly. Know your time (how much you will be provided at the conference). Make your slides as per that and fit them to be finished within the limit. So you will never run out of time.
  2. 2. Practice your voice/pronunciation while getting ready for an International Academic Conference. Try to pronounce very clearly. Yes, you can use the internationally accepted English language, but it need to clearly audible. Normally International conferences are having attendees from different countries and English may not be their first language. So unclear and speedy English will be difficult for them to understand.
  3. 3. Try to address the whole conference hall. Don’t read the paper on your desk. Keep a good eye contact with the audience. Holding the paper up at nose level, is the good way to talk to the whole room.
  4. 4. Starting the presentation from your thesis is a good idea and helpful for the audiences. It will also be good if you end the presentation like an open question. So it will attract discussion and audiences will take part in it. So your presentation will be an interactive session.
  5. 5. Always prepare your presentation in such a way that, it will encourage questions from other attendees. Also make them feel that they can contribute to the session.

These above tips are not enough, but they help a lot if you utilize them while preparing for your conference presentation. However, it all depends upon you, your style of presentation and reaction to the questions. So make a good preparation and be ready.