Arranging an Academic Conference – How to make it Successful

Academic conference is a great thing and organizing a successful academic conference makes your Academic CV a powerful one. But it’s not a simple thing to do. You need a proper planning and professional guideline in order to make the conference a successful and memorable one. It gives you the opportunity to meet some great peoples, get in touch with those popular names of your industry and making a good network too.

As I had mentioned above, to make the academic conference a successful one, you need a good strategy and proper planning. Here are some helpful tips to consider.

Topic of the Conference:

Chose a unique topic. Try to make it different and interesting. Students, researchers and other academicians should be attracted by listening or reading the name of the upcoming conference. The name should have something, which can appeal them and promise them something rewarding for their attendance. Select a topic from fresh and trending subjects of your industry.


Make a good plan with pen and paper. Plan about the number of professional work force you need and arrange everything in advance. If necessary appoint a manager for better arrangement and make sure that all your preparation is going perfect.

Professional guidance:

People having conference organizing experience can help you a lot. Consult with them. Discuss and learn what are the unseen obstacles and how to overcome them. Prepare in advance. Learn from them and implement their suggestions and ideas for making everything easy and smooth.

Let’s have some big Names in the list:

Don’t make it boring by not adding anything new to the conference. Invite some influencing people as special guest. This will not only make the conference a different one, but also help in increasing the number of registrations.

Inviting Delegates:

It will be good and a different approach for the recent time, if you can personally invite the delegates. Apart from the email, call and talk with them over phone. At least you can try sending the invitation cards instead of email. This will give it a different and personal feeling.

Use of Technology:

You can’t ignore the advantages of latest technologies and you also need their uses in your upcoming academic conference. There will be delegates from around the world and have their smart phones, tablets, notebooks and other gadgets with them. So make sure that you have enough charging point for each tables. High speed internet connectivity, proper arrangements of audio and video devices, lights, projectors etc. should be taken care of. It may not be possible for you alone to handle all of these, but you can hire professionals to provide you help and support you with this.

Finish Everything in Time:

It’s better to finish everything in advance. Don’t wait till the last moment. Plan everything in advance and try to finish before the deadline. So you can get time to recheck every arrangement. It will be an added advantage if you have a back-up plan for everything. So, you don’t be in a bad situation, if something went wrong.

These are not all the things you need for a successful conference arrangement. But these points are helpful and following them will be a great thing for every conference organizer.