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Recently in Hyderabad, the elections have been held for the position of chairman, and lucky the new member became the chairman, and he is the youngest chairman in the history of Hyderabad who has become the chairman. One of the amazing parts of it is that elected chairman has innovative ideas which are thoughtful and expected from the youngest chairman of Chartered Accountants (CA) Hyderabad.

The board has decided to start things off by sharing valuable information to the newbie’s, and those have joined Articleship. This conference is something which has not been held in last ten years by the official team of Chartered Accountants (CA) Hyderabad. This Academic conference worldwide was something where the newbie and Professionals (CA) are treated as equals, and there is no objection to asking any doubts or questions for the young ones. The event also has available online, and you can find the link on the official fan page of the Academic conferences worldwide. Now you are wondering how you will benefit from it, right? I have mentioned that this is an International academic conference organized for newbie’s and those who has finished Articles in 2016 batch.

There are tons of things which were explained in the CA International academic conferences, and you can learn many things from it, and today I will give you a glimpse of that.

You have asked the question of the century in the context of Chartered Accountancy profession. Although I am not an established practicing Chartered Accountant, still I also am going through the same butterfly period and therefore, I do have an answer to it.

CA Upcoming Conference Alerts

CA Upcoming Conference Alerts

Chartered Accountants (CA) Hyderabad – Upcoming Academic Conferences

How will this Chartered Accountants (CA) Hyderabad international conference would help newbie’s, Articles and New CA’s get into the work, make some money and how to attract some clients to the business. The subjects which were focused on three things,

  1. Provide information that can help newbie’s to get into the CA Academy (Motivational).
  2. Those who have finished Articles have many questions to ask and clear their doubts.
  3. Those who have secured a spot in the line of CA, teach them how to get business and how to start things off with their firms.

Let’s begin,

  • Family & Relatives: Instead of looking for work and clients outside of your comfort zone, look into your families, friends and family friends who are running their own business.
  • Bring People into Chat: When you are invited somewhere like an event, conference or any parties, make sure that you are starting the conversation to make some friends. Making friends has never harmed anyone, and it can help you get some business as well.
  • Friends Group: Collaborating with other CA’s has its benefits. Start a platform where you can ask other fellow CA to join the group, then you all can take advantage of one and other in their specialized area then you can ask them to share, give information of clients.
  • Membership in CA Groups & Associations: There is no end to the work, and there is no limit on how much you can handle. Did you know that many professional CA firms have clients who have a different requirement but the CA firm they requested have enough on their plate then they decide to share the work another firm. Make a bold relationship with other CA’s so that they can be of help during a crisis.
  • Collaborate With Firms: There are CA networks where they allow you to sign up and join the others as well. There are chances that you can meet new people and also you can have some business opportunities.
  • Scholarly Articles: There is no harm in sharing some knowledge online. You can take this opportunity to post some good articles on the different blogs on how CA candidates can cope the pain of failure and get back on their feet. It might not get you some serious clients but it will have a positive impact on your image, and you can show them how well-known you are online.
  • Look for Public Speaking Opportunities – If you have excellent public speaking skills, you will earn clients little faster. You can give lectures, seminars, etc. as a Chartered Accountant. This will drag people’s attention towards you if you are good enough.
  • Update Social Networks:  What not many CA are doing right now is to use Social Networking sites. Sir, it doesn’t matter if you are new or old it is important that you are connected to the LinkedIn, social networks which can give opportunity, international offers and also a business.
  • Oral Publicity by first few clients: Everybody prefers those who can deliver the work on time without any errors. Excellent services always pay off, and there is no doubt that good services can help you get more attention from the clients, so make sure to have a team which is forbidden and talented to deliver error free data.
  • Perfect Your Specialization: Have you heard of “Hard work and Talent can’t be replaced by anything,” Specialization in a particular area is something everyone should recognize about you. When you are specialized in a particular area, then it can help you earn better clients who are not only reputed but also with a fat wallet. There is no shortcut in becoming CA, hard work paid off, make sure give enough effort to make it happen.

There were many other things were discussed at the International Conference 2017, and you can take the opportunity to build your image among the senior CA’s and build your empire. Keep one thing in mind that nothing comes with a shortcut, you have made that effort to reach the goal. Make sure that you are not used to the shortcuts and working hard is the only way to succeed in this business.


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