Conference Alerts. How can It Help?

Conference alerts are an easy tool to help researchers, students, other academicians and moreover conference aspirants to get informed about latest and upcoming conferences. Mostly this service has been used for academic conferences. Research students and academicians of engineering, management, computer science etc. mainly get benefited from this free conference alert service. You can subscribe for this through our subscription form available here. The procedure to subscribe is given bellow.


How to Subscribe for Conference Alerts?

As you open “Conference Alerts” website, you can find the pop-up box asking you to subscribe for latest and upcoming conferences. Put your name and email address and submit the form. If you can’t see this, scroll a little for the sidebar subscription form. You can locate it in the lower section of right side bar. Similarly, put your name and email address here and submit it. No need to use both forms. You can use any one of them. After submitting the form check your email address and find the confirmation email. Click on the “Subscription confirmation” link. This click verifies your email address, so that the website can send you latest upcoming conferences information.

Conference Alerts

Benefits of Conference Alerts

  1. Saves your time:

By the help of conference alerts, you will receive email alerts about upcoming conferences inside your email inbox. So you don’t need to go anywhere to search or browse for conference information. All you need is to check your email.

  1. Accurate Information:

When you search for upcoming conferences through search engines, you get information about some forthcoming conference, but along with them you will get a lot of irrelevant results and information about some outdated conference. But when you use conference alerts, you only get accurate conference information as the source of this conference alert verifies all the details before publishing it on “Conference Alert India”.

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  1. You Never Skip Anything:

As the conference alert sends all the email alerts to your email inbox, you can’t skip any information. Even if you don’t have internet access for some days, the email alerts are still inside your mailbox. You can check them whenever and wherever you wish.

  1. Free of Cost:

Yes, as I have mentioned earlier, this conference alert service from “Conference Alert India” is not a paid subscription. You can only subscribe for free by providing your name and email address.

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 Unsubscribe to Conference Alerts

Although this is a very useful service, but if you don’t need it anymore and wish to un-subscribe from the email , you can easily do this. Open any one of the previous email alerts and scroll to last. You can get the links there to un-subscribe. Click on that and follow the steps.