Conference Database Help – How to List Your Conference in Conference Database

Conference Database is a place that consists of a large amount of upcoming conferences details. Anyone searching for a good conference to register should take the help of conference database to find the best and desired conference. There are so many conferences listed under various categories and subcategories. These categories represent the subjects of the conferences. Also the categories are helpful to arrange the conferences in a meaningful way. So a user searching for some conferences in any particular subject can easily discover them.

Conference Database

Conference Database

Conference Alert India, being one of the popular and leading Conference database in India, lists the best upcoming conferences that are being organized in India only. If you are searching for any type of academic conferences in India, “Conference Alert India” is the best place to explore them all. Most of the popular and high rated conferences listed here quickly as soon as they are being declared by their organizers.

Conference Database

For Organizer, this is also one of the best places to promote their conference too. At Conference Alert India, we always give importance to quality conferences. If your conference is a real one (Fake conferences are not allowed) and have all the good qualities to be listed here, you should submit it to our conference database. A lot of conference aspirants are visiting and searching for latest upcoming conferences here. By publishing your conference here, you will easily get the attention of all those conference lovers. Also we send regular conference alert to our subscribers (which are more than 2K) and your newly listed conference will be delivered to all those subscribers through email. So, it’s a great opportunity to catch the attention of some really targeted audiences.

Conference Listing

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How to list your conference?

It is very simple to list your event in the popular conference database. Just follow the bellow given steps and your submission will be live soon. Please try to fill up all the fields even if they are not compulsory. A completely filled submission form increases the chance of approval and also proves the accuracy of information.

  • Go to ““. This is the new user registration section. You need to be a registered user in order to publish events. This registration page has a form need to be filed up. Provide all the necessary details asked in the form and click on the “Register” button.

  • After successful submission, you will receive the passwords in your email. Login to your email and get them.

  • Now you can login to the website by using your username and password. If you are not finding the login box, click on the “Login” link provided on the upper right corner.

  • Now locate the “+ Add Event” button. Find it in the upper section, above the logo and near the search box. Click on that.

  • So you will land inside the conference submission form. Fill the details like event name, type, descriptions, category, location, contact person, contact details, event organizer, event keywords etc. and submit the form.

  • As I had a said earlier, a completely filled up form gets the quick attention and improves the chance of getting approved easily, so try to provide as much information as you can irrespective of non-mandatory fields.

  • Do check the category in which you have submitted and very soon it will be published there. Also you will be notified via email when the event gets published.