Google Scholar: 5 Great Ways to Use It Innovatively

What is Google Scholar?

G Scholar guideIt’s a search engine that can be used to search scholarly literature and academic resources. This online and freely accessible search engine helps users in finding both physical and digital copies of articles.

How is it different from Google?

While Google searches public websites and contents, “Google Scholar” searches for scholarly articles, documents and books. It’s just like searching in your library’s database. So searching inside Google Scholar is different from searching through normal Google.

5 Great ways to use it innovatively

Searching Journal Articles in Google Scholar

Although the use of Google Scholar is different from Google, but the searching process looks as familiar as searching on normal But it gives more accurate result if your search term becomes more specific. It shows you the result as a combination of most relevant and mostly cited pages. So you are getting the results those are highly cited by other academicians. So anyone can trust Google scholar as a reliable source.

Saving Useful Articles:

While searching for a specific subject, you can save the articles from the results. This will create a library for you. You can check the saved items latter and organize them by putting the related stuffs in relevant levels. The next time you can directly get the saved articles from your library, no need to search again or remembering the details.

Stay Alert:

Apart from searching and saving scholarly articles, you can also setup “Alerts” for your research need. This alert system will notify you when there is any new results for your specified search terms. This is very helpful for researchers in the field of medical discovery or current issues etc. So even if you forget to visit Google Scholar, it will notify you regarding the current findings and developments in your selected term for the “Alert”. So, it’s so helpful to stay updated and alert with latest changes.

The “Case Law” Option:

Google Scholar offers you to search articles from case law. Law students can find this option very useful for their research purpose. This helps in filtering the results as per the decisions from the Supreme Court, as well as search the federal, state and circuit courts.

Citations Made Easy:

You can find the cite button very handy along with the other links present in the search result of Google Scholar. This shows you citations in various formats as per the search result with a pop-up. This enables you to copy and paste the citation into a Word Document or you can use any citation manager.