How to Organize a Best Interactive Conference?

It’s a great thing to think for a new and fresh idea to engage your conference attendees during the conference days. It should be memorable conference for them and as an organizer; you will get a lot of appreciation and more future opportunities. Attendees of your conference expect a lot more things apart from that boring and old way of paper presentation and discussion. Using some interactive options and arrangements will make them feel the difference.

Interactive Conference

Here are some ideas, you can use for your next conference:

Making Small Teams:

Arrange the tables like teams. Create a connection between attendees by providing them an option to create unique names for their own teams. It will encourage a group talk, activity, question and answer, team projects etc.

Live Polls:

This is a good interactive idea as it provides an opportunity for the attendees to cast their vote in a live poll. There are online websites and smart-phone applications available for this and can be used in your conference too. Use the latest available technologies, integrate with the conference and let the attendees enjoy this.

Use of Graffiti Boards:

Put a large cork board for the attendees and guests to share messages, business cards and their unique offers etc. You too can also pots reminder about your next conference and share pictures of earlier events. The graffiti board can also be used in many other ways like: hosting comments, submitting a contest etc. Think something different and apply it.

Panel Discussions:

Try to use panel discussion instead of lecture styled sessions, which is a boring and old fashioned thing. Make a group of 3 to 5 experts on the stage to create a panel. Each of the panel members should try to give a short answer to each asked questions. Several opinions and multiple answers for each different question will make the sessions super interactive.

Facilities @ Conference:

There should be every kind of necessary things available for the attendees in the conference hall. You need to be careful about the availability of such things like: comfortable furniture, Easy WiFi connectivity, Coffee Points, electric charging stations for smart phones and laptops etc.

After Conference:

There should be arrangements for post conference activity. These entertaining  options keep attendees active even after the conference. Plan for a sightseeing, happy hours, any kind of sports event etc.

Innovative and new interactive ideas are always new and you can create some unique ideas for the conference on your own and these options vary from theme to theme and location to locations.