Latest Engineering Conferences in 2017

Like the previous year, we are also finding some great conferences in various fields of engineering in 2017.But you always need some reliable sources to find this information about the latest conferences. Such reliable sources include search engines, online conference directories or databases etc. So we have to browse these websites and search engines regularly to know about the upcoming conferences in any of our subjects.

Finding Conferences through Search Engines

Search engines are the most used and most helpful websites on the Internet. Moreover, no internet user ever exists without using any search engines. So, you can take them as reliable sources for finding your needs on the worldwide web. But when we are using them to find any upcoming engineering conference, we don’t get as we need. Yes, we get some results about the forthcoming conferences, but all the results are not of our use. As it performs a normal online search over a number of websites to find the term we are using for searching, it produces some irrelevant results too. So, sometime we get results those are not about conferences. Apart from that we may get information about some outdated or closed conferences in the search result.

Upcoming International Conferences

Hence, it becomes necessary to filter those results by watching each of them carefully and find out the websites / web-pages those we need. This is a time consuming process.

Using Online Conference Directory

Online conference directory or conference database like “Conference Alert India” are another trusted source for upcoming academic conferences. If we are searching for engineering conferences in 2017, we need to browse the Engineering section of the website. No need to search for the year 2017, it will automatically show you the upcoming conferences of 2017, 2018 and onwards. It doesn’t show you the past conferences in of the current year.

There is no chance of getting irrelevant results. Everything you get is the information about some upcoming conferences. Apart from browsing the sections or categories, you can use the website search box directly to locate the information about any particular conference.

No outdated or closed conferences and no irrelevant results. What else do you need? This is the perfect place for your entire conference search. But one thing we also miss here i.e. the need of regular website browsing. Regular website visit also takes a lot of time and as a researcher all you need is to save this precious time.

Use of “Conference Alert”

Conference Alert is the solution to your above problem. It helps you to get the upcoming conference information directly inside your email. You don’t need to visit the conference listing website each day. Wherever you are, you will receive the email alerts about the latest engineering conferences. To enjoy this free service from “Conference Alert India”, you need to subscribe for the conference alert system. The subscription form is available on the home page of “” website. It’s a pop-up box with a form inside it. If don’t find the form or missed it, scroll a little and find another form on the lower right corner. Fill it and submit. Confirm your email address by clicking the confirmation link sent to your email address.

Now you will start receiving conference information through your email.