Guidelines for organizing conferences, workshops, seminars in colleges during twelfth plan (2012-2017).

UGC approved journalsUpdated: January 19, 2017 at 10:00 am

This is the latest information about the changes and updating of journals which are mainly indexed by Scopus, WOS and ICI. It’s being a vital step being taken by University Grant Commission (UGC), India.

Government of India as well Academic industry like UGC, AICTE have been taking strong steps to bring the education system more effective and put it in the front for rest of world.

UGC Recommended Journals :

Mostly Indexed in Scopus

Recently UGC put notices for the Scopus indexed journals which are recommended for researchers to publish their research papers and can be the deciding factor for the future of research and publication.

Guidelines for organising conferences, workshops, seminars in colleges during twelfth plan (2012-2017).

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UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION, BAHADUR SHAH ZAFAR MARG, NEW DELHI –110 002 has released the guidelines for organising conferences, workshops and seminars in universities and engineering colleges.

Introduction to UGC Scheme on organising International and National Conferences:

The scheme of UGC provides financial assistance for arranging conferences and workshops. The conferences may be State level conference, National conference or International conference. It may be engineering conferences, medical conferences, agricultural conferences or multi disciplinary conferences. It has extended facilities to researchers, professors, b-tech and m-tech students to raise the standard.

UGC Recommended Journals


By bringing together academicians, scientists and Experts from various parts of the country and abroad to exchange their creative ideas & knowledge, the scheme has fulfilled its fundamental objectives.

Nature of assistance for UGC scheme on National/International Conference:

Colleges and Universities are encouraged to organize national/International Conference/Workshop in associations with recognised association of business or industry, academic or professional institutions, voluntary organizations, NGOs and registered societies or trusts. In case of collaboration, a letter from the academic association/ academic body or academic/professional institution, association of business/industry, voluntary organization, NGO, registered society/trust, as applicable may be furnished with the application.

The Teachers eligible for promotion on or after 31.12.2008 shall be considered under UGC Regulation 2010.

Stages of promotion of teachers under Career Advancement Scheme (UGC Regulation 2010).

Stage-1: AGP Rs. 6000(ii) Stage-2: AGP Rs. 7000 (iii) Stage-3: AGP Rs. 8000

(iv) Stage-4: AGP Rs. 9000 (v) Stage-5: AGP Rs. 10000(vi) Stage-6: HAG.

It may be Associate Professor/Assistant Professor or Professor ,they have to score under UGC norms to get the promotions under Career Advancement Scheme.

Academic Performance Indicators (API) For Direct Recruitment/ Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) Promotion Of Teachers Under Performance Based Appraisal System (PBAS) 

Category-1: Teaching, Learning and Evaluation Related Activities

Category-2: Co-curricular, Extension & Professional development related Activities

Category-3: Research, Publications and Academic Contributions

So CAS has major role in the academician’s career

Professors need PhD for extension: HC

Written by Express News Service | Mumbai | October 1, 2011 at 1:47 am

Bombay High Court on Friday upheld a state government resolution stipulating that professors applying for extension of service must fulfil certain conditions, including a PhD.

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UGC Recommended Journals

Now on 11/01/2017, UGC announced the list of Journals for the purpose of publications which will fulfil the purpose of  Career Advancement Scheme (CAS).Also the said Scopus indexed journals are required  for Direct Recruitment of Teachers and other academic staff as required under the UGC in Universities and colleges.

Looking into the changes there are international conferences based on engineering, management, science and multidisciplinary conference alert India has taken priority to list UGC approved Journal-Conference .Of which the researchers , professors and academicians to take the privilege and do the needful by taking the help of conference alert.

It is a Bold Step:

By the steps taken by UGC, it is going to improve the research work and that way it will raise the standard of education as well the innovations. It’s time for researcher to realize and work on it to publish their papers in Scopus indexed-UGC approved journals .And get the things work for them by through Career Advancement Scheme (CAS).

Here are some conferences which are lined up for the UGC approved journals (UGC Recommended Journals). Go though the links below and get your job done…

  2. ICRIET Kochi 2017
  3. TILAInternational Energy Conference


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