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Synthesize International Conference

Synthesize International Conference

18 - 19 Dec 2018


Dr Sunita Kumar/Dr Bindi Varghese - +91 80 46551353/9448974661

20 Sep 2018

School of Business Studies and Social Sciences in collaboration with Arnhem Business School, HAN University


The Conference intends to uncover research that is vital for the success of liberal science endeavors. The research studies will lay the foundation for programme development and policies within the purview of the various disciplines under discussion. The interdisciplinary nature of the research studies presented in the conference will allow for the synthesis of ideas and that of the characteristics of the varied disciplines, thus opening the doors to diverse career paths in liberal science research. Synthesize: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Business Studies and Social Sciences seeks to widen the understanding in the spectrum of research and address industry challenges, while strengthening the research capacity of scholars. This conference is intended for faculty members in liberal sciences, who dezire to conduct research using technology and its applications. The conference will focus on the qualitative and quantitative approaches in research using an interdisciplinary approach, working towards helping scholars, graduates, students and professionals in learning more about the current developments in the various areas of research methods and techniques relevant to the liberal sciences sectors. This year, the conference will have a mix of academicians, industry practitioners and other professionals who will discuss the various dimensions of liberal sciences.