Frequently Asked Questions for Organizers

Q- How can I add an event to Conference Alert India?

For adding event in our website, login to your account and click on the ‘ADD EVENT’ button on the top right corner of the page and submit the details for the event. New users require registering foran organizer account to add events.

NOTE: There is no charge for a listing, but in future it may change according to the user requirements.                                                                                                      

Q- Do I have to create an organizer account to add an event in Conference Alert India? 

YES. To add and manage your events, you need an organizer account.

Q- How do I subscribe to Conference Alert India? 

Visit the home page, and fill up the subscription form available as pop-up or else click any event details page and enter your email in the subscription box to get regular alerts of upcoming conference in your inbox.

NOTE: You will begin receiving conference information after you have confirmed your email id for subscription.

Q- What is the difference between an organizer and subscriber account?

Subscriber account and organizer account are two different accounts. A subscriber account will allow you to receive email announcements and newsletters about events. An organizer account will allow you to add, promote and manage your events in Conference Alert India.

Q- Is it possible to be an organizer and a subscriber at the same time?

Yes. You will need to create one organizer account and need to fill up the subscription form to be an organizer and a subscriber at the same time.
Q- As a conference organizer, how can I use Conference Alert India to promote my event? 

You will be able to add your event as a free listing. Afterwards, paid services are there for additional conference publicity:
• Spotlight service: banner on home page – 200 USD per month
• Featured event service: conference announcement emailed to subscribers – 100 USD
• Ad box service: Ad box on pages of the site and in All Conference Alerts Monthly – 50 USD per month.
• Banners on other pages of All Conference Alerts – 150 USD per page per month

Q- What requirements my event must meet to be listed on Conference Alert India?

We do not list the following types of events:
•  Journals
•  Courses or training events
•  Awards ceremonies
•  Competitions
•  Lectures
•  Launches
•  Promotions
The event must also meet the following requirements:

  • The website must be complete (not under construction), should contain relevant conference details and can be publicly accessible.
    • The website must clearly state the conference name, date and place.
    • The website must have topic areas to be covered at the conference.
    • There must be a contact email address, number or contact form on the conference website.
    • The website must have an English version.Q- Can I modify the information related event at any time after listing?

Yes, you can modify the event details through the organizer account in the organizer dashboard.

Q- Is there any price for Subscription?
Subscription to Conference Alert India is free of cost. Any time you can unsubscribe to the Conference Alert India to stop receiving of upcoming conference alerts.

Q- How to contact All Conference Alerts?

You can contact us through mail to [email protected]