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ICDMT 2019

4th International Conference on Desalination using Membrane Technology

Location : Esplanade Hotel Freemantle, Perth, Australia

Conference Date : 01 - 04 Dec 2019

Paper Submission Deadline : 31 May 2019

About Conferences :

The conference scope will include theoretical and applied research, technological and industrial development. Participants will include leading academic researchers, scientists and engineers from membrane desalination and associated industries as well as representatives of government organizations, international agencies and aid organizations.There is an urgent and increasing need for better provision of clean water of drinking quality on a worldwide basis.The lack of clean water is the direct cause of millions of deaths every year in poorer countries, while in most affluent countries the demand for such water is continuously increasing. Thus, the development of new means to produce drinking water is a high priority for international organisations, governments and research agencies.Sustainable development of effective desalination processes can make a major contribution to meeting the demand for drinking water, and membrane desalination is the most promising of the new approaches. However, the technology raises a number of energy efficiency as well as environmental and sustainability issues which will also be covered in this conference.

The 4th International Conference on Desalination using Membrane Technology will allow the dissemination and discussion of cutting edge research. The scope will include theoretical and applied research, technological and industrial development. Participants will include leading academic researchers, scientists and engineers from membrane desalination and associated industries as well as representatives of government organizations, international agencies and aid organizations.

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ISEM 2019

The International Society for Ecological Modelling Global Conference 2019

Location : University of Salzburg, Austria

Conference Date : 17 - 20 Sep 2019

Paper Submission Deadline : 08 Apr 2019

About Conferences :

The 22nd biennial conference of  The International Society for Ecological Modelling (ISEM), under the theme ‘eco:model:spaces’, will bring together scientists from all professions and applications that deal with the use of ecological models and systems ecology.


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th International Conference on Ionic Liquids in Separation and Purification Technology

Location : Melia Sitges, Sitges, Spain

Conference Date : 08 - 11 Sep 2019

Paper Submission Deadline : 15 Mar 2019

About Conferences :

This meeting will build on the momentum from the previous ILSEPT meetings held in 2011, 2014 and 2017. As we see there is a growing interest in deep eutectic solvents, that by some people are seen as alternatives for ionic liquids, we decided for this 2019 edition of ILSEPT to include the subject in the scope of the conference.
The aim of the 4th International Conference on Ionic Liquids in Separation and Purification Technology is to provide a forum for researchers in academia and industry to share and discuss their cutting edge results on the use of ionic liquids in separation applications. This meeting will build on the momentum from the previous ILSEPT meetings held in 2011, 2014 and 2017. As we see there is a growing interest in deep eutectic solvents, that by some people are seen as alternatives for ionic liquids, we decided for this 2019 edition of ILSEPT to include the subject in the scope of the conference.

Ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents are exciting classes of solvents that possess unique properties. Ionic liquids are known for their negligible vapor pressure, wide liquid range, tunable solvating power, and high thermal stability. Due to these special properties, they have found a wide range of applications in fields as diverse as petrochemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, hydrometallurgy, environmental remediation and nuclear sciences. In all these fields ionic liquids can provide novel intensified separation and purification technologies that enable major contributions towards establishing the sustainable processes required for the future process industry. Clear examples are their increased solvating power for extractive separations, ability to separate azeotropic mixtures and their ability to dissolve a wide range of natural materials such as cellulose, carbohydrates and lignin. For many of these applications, now also the use of deep eutectic solvents has been reported, and with their unique properties obtained through hydrogen bonding they open up a new window of opportunities.The scientific programme will offer plenary lectures, submitted oral presentations and poster sessions. Outside the session lecture theatres, you will also find numerous exhibitors presenting their contributions.


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Spatial Statistics 2019

5th Spatial Statistics conference:Towards Spatial Data Science

Location : Sitges, Spain

Conference Date : 10 - 13 Jul 2019

Paper Submission Deadline : 18 Jan 2019

About Conferences :

Welcome to the 5th Spatial Statistics conference, which will be held in Sitges (near to Barcelona), Spain, from 10 – 13 July 2019 under the theme Towards Spatial Data Science.The conference will bring together leading scientists in the field of spatial statistics to debate and discuss how to make statistically sound decisions and judgments in the domain of spatial data science.Issues of statistical learning, but also common methods for spatial and spatio-temporal interpolation, stochastic geometry, classifications, tessellation, networks, point processes, random sets, including Bayesian modelling will be presented in the new context of spatial data science.The registration and abstract submission systems will open shortly.

The Workshop and Welcome Reception will be held on 10 July and the actual conference will start on 11 July 2019.We are at the start of a large and unprecedented expansion of our information provision and use. Both the volume and the complexity of available data will increase, creating a great potential and demand for scientific and technological innovations.In addition to “traditional” data, unverified spatial data is now available from volunteers, dynamic data from moving sources, streams of remote sensing images and distributed data from various types of sensors, including gadgets monitoring the function of human bodies, high-tech engine monitors and low-cost, distributed environmental sensors.
Of particular scientific interest and societal importance are spatially referenced data with temporal dependence, i.e. space-time data. The increasing volume, complexity, heterogeneity, uncertainty and interdependence of space-time data are rapidly outrunning current methods of analysis.This big-data era is creating research challenges for many fields of science and engineering. Emerging questions have a different focus, depending on the scientific discipline in which they are born and reflecting a significant variability in the nature of big-data problems, in spite of the many common elements.

Crucial developments in this context are new scalable methods, design algorithms, and implement software for big space-time data that will:

  1. Capitalize on local models and sparse matrix structures
  2. Allow for fast simulation of space-time processes
  3. Include new data types (including streams of spatial data, space-time point processes, point patterns on networks, and trajectories)

This results in the domain of spatial data science. The conference will provide a platform to debate and discuss how to make statistically sound decisions and judgments in the domain of spatial data science


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3rd ICASS 2019

3rd International Conference on Applied Surface Science

Location : Pisa Congress Palace, Pisa, Italy

Conference Date : 17 - 20 Jun 2019

Paper Submission Deadline : 18 Jan 2019

About Conferences :

ICASS is organized by the journal Applied Surface Science. The conference will provide a forum for researchers in all areas of applied surface science to present their work.The main topics of the conference are in line with the most popular areas of research reported in Applied Surface Science, please see the list further down this page. ICASS will report on and discuss current research on the role and use of surfaces in chemical and physical processes, related to catalysis, electrochemistry, energy, new/functional materials and nanotechnology. Also the various techniques and characterization methods will be discussed.This is a significant opportunity for you to hear from leading scientists in the area and to network with colleagues in industry and academia to ensure you keep abreast of recent developments in this fast evolving field.


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Nano Today 2019

6th Nano Today Conference

Location : Altis Grand Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal

Conference Date : 16 - 20 Jun 2019

Paper Submission Deadline : 28 Dec 2018

About Conferences :

Organised by the Nano Today journal, the NanoBio Lab and Elsevier, the 6th Nano Today Conference (Nano Today 2019) seeks to bring together researchers interested in nanoscience and nanotechnology.Chaired by Nano Today Editor-in-Chief and A*STAR Senior Fellow, Professor Jackie Y. Ying, this international conference will present the latest research at the multidisciplinary frontier of nanostructured materials and devices.


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9th ICC

9th International Colloids Conference

Location : Melia Hotel, Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

Conference Date : 16 - 19 Jun 2019

Paper Submission Deadline : 15 Feb 2019

About Conferences :

Colloid and Interface Science is the foundation for today’s advanced material science and engineering, nano-science, soft matter science and catalysis. As such, Colloid and Interface Sciences underpin new advances in energy efficiency, generation and storage, nano-medicine and drug delivery, sensing and diagnostics, amongst other applications.This meeting aims to attract international researchers to communicate and share the latest developments in these dynamic and ever-expanding fields.The conference will be held in the popular and attractive seaside resort of Sitges, near Barcelona. Our conference venue provides first class facilities and offers Attendees many opportunities to meet and learn from each other, to forge new scientific relationships and international collaborations.


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15th WCTR

15th World Conference on Transport Research

Location : Mumbai, India

Conference Date : 26 - 31 May 2019

Paper Submission Deadline : 08 Feb 2019

About Conferences :

The 15th WCTR conference will be held at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India, during 26-31 May 2019. IIT Bombay is one of the premier institutes in India, established for the development of technical education in the country. For the last 40 years, WCTR has been organised every three years by the WCTR Society. The conference aims to bring together academics, practitioners, managers, and policymakers from all parts of the world, to share cutting-edge research and advanced state-of-practice. The conference also includes special sessions, technical tours, an exhibition and social events. This knowledge event provides a unique opportunity for experts to exchange ideas in all areas of transport research.To facilitate the interchange of ideas between researchers working in the same area, WCTR has structured the topics into nine categories with a total of 35 session tracks. For many session tracks a close cooperation with partner journals is announced (with more to follow shortly), so that the best papers from the review track are expected to be published in leading peer-reviewed transportation journals after the Conference.


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Cell Symposium: Regulatory RNAs

Cell Symposium: Regulatory RNAs

Location : Berlin, Germany

Conference Date : 12 - 14 May 2019

Paper Submission Deadline : 25 Jan 2019

About Conferences :

Between the DNA blueprint and the protein machines it encodes lies a wealth of RNA molecules. These RNAs serve to increase genetic diversity, but as we have also come to appreciate, RNAs also serve a much richer function and can take on regulatory roles themselves. New methods that allow analysis at the single-cell and single-molecule levels have provided us with a greater ability to understand the significance of these functions with greater precision than before.Join us in Berlin in 2019 for a conference focused on the regulatory roles of RNAs. Topics will include generation of diversity through RNA-mediated processes, diversity among RNAs themselves through processes such as RNA editing, and analysis of gene expression at the single-cell level.

We hope to see you there!


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Sixth International Symposium Frontiers in Polymer Science

Location : Budapest, Hungary

Conference Date : 05 - 08 May 2019

Paper Submission Deadline : 11 Jan 2019

About Conferences :

Frontiers in Polymer Science will be held 5-8 May 2019 in Budapest, Hungary in association with Progress in Polymer Science, Polymer, EPJ, Polymer Degradation and Stability, Reactive and Functional Polymers and Polymer Testing.
Organised in partnership with Materials Today, the Symposium will offer an exciting new format of three parallel sessions with invited and contributed talks in addition to plenary lectures and poster sessions.For 2019, in addition to the Editors-in-Chief of Polymer, we also welcome two new Chairs, Professor Matyjaszewski, the Editor-in-Chief of Progress in Polymer Science and Professor Vancso, the Editor-in-Chief of EPJ. The appointment of additional chairs and parallel sessions represent a scope expansion to enhance the scientific value and networking potential for delegates and will enable us to offer contributed talks for the first time.The full 3-day symposium will consist of 9 plenary lectures, given by outstanding scientists whose exceptionally work represents new frontiers for polymer science. In addition, there will be three parallel sessions, and poster sessions which will cover interdisciplinary hot topics within Polymer Science.The new Materials Today EPJ Award will be presented at the conference: This best paper award is for authors submitting a paper to a virtual special issue collection.We expect to attract more than 600 participants from over 50 countries as was the case during the previous five editions of this top quality international event.

We hope that you will keep these dates free and join us in Budapest in 2019!


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4th GSCC

4th Green & Sustainable Chemistry Conference

Location : Dresden, Germany

Conference Date : 05 - 08 May 2019

Paper Submission Deadline : 30 Nov 2018

About Conferences :

As with previous events in the series, this high-level conference will address a range of broad topics highlighting the role of chemistry in contributing to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, including in developing countries. Abstracts are invited for oral communications and posters to supplement the invited lectures.Other conferences in this field are focused mainly on the synthesis and technical aspects of green chemistry. To contribute in a long-term, viable and globally applicable manner to the Sustainable Development Goals, a much broader approach and knowledge exchange is necessary. The goal of the conference is therefore to bring together international researchers from academia and industry, from authorities and other institutions, from all parts of the worlds, to communicate and share the latest developments across the broad and diverse fields of green and sustainable chemistry.


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WOM 2019

22nd International Conference on Wear of Materials

Location : Hyatt Regency Miami, Miami, FL, USA

Conference Date : 14 - 18 Apr 2019

Paper Submission Deadline : 01 Feb 2019

About Conferences :

Welcome to the 22nd International Conference on Wear of Materials, which will take place in Miami, Florida, USA from the 14-18 April 2019.The conference will focus on advances in the understanding of both the fundamental and applied aspects of wear and friction of materials and will provide a progressive international forum for researchers and practicing engineers from different disciplines to interact and exchange their latest understandings. The conference is also unique for its paper submission process with full peer review in collaboration with the Elsevier journal Wear to ensure technical quality of presentations.Special sessions will concentrate on engine tribology, wear of tools and tooling materials, friction and wear under vibratory contact, marine applications, role of third bodies during wear, and surface texturing for wear reduction.


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3rd ACCC

3rd Agriculture and Climate Change Conference

Location : Novotel Budapest City & Budapest Congress Center, Budapest, Hungary

Conference Date : 24 - 26 Mar 2019

Paper Submission Deadline : 22 Oct 2018

About Conferences :

The 3rd Agriculture and Climate Change Conference will focus on the likely impact of climate change on crop production and explore approaches to maintain and increase crop productivity into the future.Maintaining crop production to feed a growing population during a period of climate change is the greatest challenge we face as a species. The increased crop yields during the last century and especially the Green Revolution, were brought about through breeding for increased harvest index and disease resistance, as well as by using more irrigation water and agrochemicals. While genetic gains continue, the multiple challenges of climate change and growing global population demand new approaches to produce nutritious, high yielding, climate resilient crops and mitigate the negative impact of agriculture on the climate.


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3rd IBSC

3rd International Brain Stimulation Conference

Location : Vancouver Convention Center, Vancouver, Canada

Conference Date : 24 - 27 Feb 2019

Paper Submission Deadline : 21 Sep 2018

About Conferences :

The field of brain stimulation is undergoing remarkable growth.  Brain stimulation methods are rapidly transforming research into brain mechanisms, from the molecular to the behavioral, and offer new approaches to therapeutics for brain disorders. In many ways, the field of brain stimulation represents a paradigm shift, augmenting and sometimes replacing the prominent psychopharmacological approaches of the past several decades.Currently, there are single theme meetings around the world that are either technique or profession based or that limit the science in other ways. This third international meeting, organized by Elsevier and sponsored by and integrated with the journal Brain Stimulation, will build on the first meeting held in Singapore in 2015 and the second meeting in Barcelona in 2017. Thus, this will be the 3rd International Brain Stimulation meeting, with integration of all the various groups involved in this exciting field.The field of brain stimulation is advancing rapidly with breakthroughs in basic, translational, and clinical research. The latest and most important research will be presented at this meeting across these domains. This is an opportunity to interact with colleagues in diverse disciplines and settings and to learn about advances across the field of brain stimulation.  The International Brain Stimulation Award will be given, and this meeting will also opportunity to interact with founders and luminaries of this field.This meeting will follow the successful multidisciplinary broad approach of the first two meetings. Basic scientists will attend lectures by engineers and psychiatrists. Cognitive neuroscientists will mingle with neurosurgeons and brain modelling physicists. This fertile cross-disciplinary meeting will also provide the opportunity to interact with founders and luminaries in the field.

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https://www.elsevier.com/events/conferences/international-brain-stimulation-conferenceThe field of brain stimulation is undergoing remarkable growth.

Cell Symposium - SCTB

Cell Symposium - Single Cells : Technology to Biology

Location : Singapore

Conference Date : 24 - 26 Feb 2019

Paper Submission Deadline : 12 Oct 2018

About Conferences :

A revolution is underway, unleashed by the study of single cells, in our understanding of cell identity, diversity, development, and function.  The emerging technologies for single-cell “omics” for the study of genomes, epigenomes, transcriptomes, and proteomes, are becoming increasingly widespread, with some of the most exciting advances enabling multimodal analyses and systems biology assays that perturb and record at single-cell resolution.  Perhaps even more far reaching are single-cell in situ sequencing and imaging-based methods that offer an unparalleled perspective on the biology of individual cells within tissues. The application of this knowledge for precision medicine is also not far from reality, as one can easily imagine a time when a standard blood test or biopsy will include single-cell profiling to aid in diagnosis or to monitor treatment.

The overarching goal of this symposium is to provide a forum for sharing and disseminating cutting-edge technologies, biological insights, and biomedical applications in the field of single-cell analysis.  Come join us in Singapore, a global crossroads and scientific hub, for stimulating discussions and to build bridges between the expanding and interconnected international efforts in single-cell biology.

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MWS 2019

Miami Winter Symposium 2019 Evolving Concepts in HIV and Emerging Viral Infections

Location : Hyatt Regency Miami, FL, USA

Conference Date : 27 - 30 Jan 2019

Paper Submission Deadline : 19 Oct 2018

About Conferences :

The Miami Winter Symposia have been running for 51 consecutive years and have a rich history. Each meeting takes as its theme a topic of current research and/or clinical interest, and aims to broadly cover both basic research, translational issues and potential or actual clinical applications. This year’s Miami Winter Symposium 2019 is dedicated to “HIV and Emerging Viral Infections” that will showcase exceptional individuals who have made a mark in this field. The goal of this distinctive and outstanding symposium is to provide the most current knowledge of relevant topics: the face of HIV/AIDS today, immune mechanisms and interventions, HIV reservoirs and cure strategies, HIV antibodies for prevention and treatment, the opioid crisis and its intersection with HIV, emerging infections and therapeutic advances. We are excited to have among us several luminaries who will be honored at this year’s program:  Drs Robert Gallo, Bob Siliciano, Nora Volkow, Anthony Fauci, Michel Nussenzweig and Raymond Schinazi.  Other distinguished faculty hail from major universities within US and globally. Selected abstracts will be presented in oral and poster sessions.

The Miami Winter Symposium 2019 will be an exclusive opportunity for scientists and researchers to broaden their horizons in an arena of cutting edge science. Pharmaceutical and industry participants interested in advising and participating in research collaborations will find the Symposium to be an opportune interactive platform. Scholarships and travel awards will be given to selected abstracts. 

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