The Cultures of New India

14 Aug 2018 to 14 Aug 2018

14 Aug 2018

In his book, India Shastra, Shashi Tharoor makes a claim that in the increasingly cut-throat competition amongst nations to become a super power “India is much better placed to take advantage of this world than most”. It goes without saying that the 21st century has been a century of Indian success. It has undoubtedly established itself as, what many economists say, an “attractive investment destination” for global investors. In the postmillennial age, the mainstream media has kickstarted several campaigns, like Incredible India, India Shining and Brand India, etc. to galvanize the image of India in the world. These campaigns have undoubtedly achieved euphoric success in the makeover of India as a powerful nation. One could witness a radical change in the New India, eg., emergence of new cities, easy availability of multinational brands, upsurge of a new class of young wealthy people, accompanied with an unprecedented living standard in almost every walk of life. But then, the New India is also known as a land of paradoxes, a land underpinned by poverty, hunger, illiteracy, and immense unemployment. It is, therefore, very vital to examine the cultures of New India in order to understand its nature, complexities and functioning. It needs to be examined how culture has responded to the existing inequalities of this New India. What role have language, literature, films and popular cultures played in projecting and disseminating the image of the New India across the globe?

The present International Conference aims at exploring the new landscape of India and its working cultures. Proposals are invited on any one of the following issues:

• Languages of Indian Culture
• Gender and New India
• Post-Liberalization and Indian Novel in English
• Representations of Youth Culture
• Communalism and New India
• Bollywood and Indian Cultures
• Cultures of Social Media
• Culture and Human Behaviour

The Cultures of New India
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